Monday, August 15, 2011

Parenting Articles - Are Math Skills Genetic?

are they really genetic?

Base on a new research by the Johns Hopkins University, it suggests that a person's abilities at math might entirely be handed down by one's ancestors. They made a concept called "number sense" for kids who have not yet taken any math lessons. Number sense is the thing people employ when they are sitting at a Florida Marlins home game and wondering if there are 4,320 or 4,750 people in the ballpark.

Accoring to Melissa Libertus, one of the heads of the research, "The relationship between 'number sense' and math ability is important and intriguing because we believe that 'number sense' is universal, whereas math ability has been thought to be highly dependent on culture and language and takes many years to learn."

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  1. This would make sense. My dad likes to say that I inherited my mom's shoddy math skills. LOL!

  2. I need to find out from my mom lol I don't think anyone was aware that I was always good at maths :D

    I like what you guys write about and need to read through a lot of your posts. I talk about these things sometimes and don't have kids of my own..yet! :) x

  3. i feel like everything is somehow genetic. how smart you are, including whether you're able to think in math terms. lately my daughter has been asking me how to do math which cracks me up (she's almost 4). so i've been teaching her how to do addition on her fingers! she's very VERY into it.

  4. Haha well if it is.. than it's not my fault that I didn't get high grates for math, blame my parents!

  5. very interesting :)