Monday, October 17, 2011

Parenting Articles - Good Parenting Prevents Bullying

I do believe that when children are showered with good parenting skills by their parents, they have less chances of being bullied. Good parenting builds up children's self esteem and they are not afraid to talk about any thing to their parents. Communication really plays a big part in the relationship between parents and children. Being able to talk to children let's you know what happens to them at school. Parents, talk to your children, it helps a lot.

For more parenting articles, visit ChildUp's website. They have tons of parenting articles that highlight the importance of parent involvement for the good development of bright and happy children.


  1. interesting blog :)


  2. Well I don't have children but I agree with you, communication really is very important between parents and children...
    Niceblog ;)

  3. I beliebe self assured kids don't get bullied or if so, know how to stand up for themselves. Will follow your blog!

  4. I totally agree!!! thanks for you comment!

  5. I certainly agree that great parenting builds confidence. Thanks for stopping by.:)

  6. I had to transfer my G-Kids to a new School due to bullying, my G-Son has special needs and was having a very difficult time with intolerance and bias, and not just with the children I might add, which was really unacceptable... the new School has a No Bullying Policy & Staff that build up a Child and encourage their abilities rather than focus on disabilities with intolerance, which I believe every School should have. Getting variances each year is a pain, but I'm so glad I advocated strongly to get placement that would work in tandem with what we do at Home to make each Child feel safe, nurtured and encouraged to reach their potential and feel good about who they are.

    Dawn... The Bohemian