Friday, March 16, 2012

Parenting Articles | Smaller Classes Don’t Necessarily Make a Difference

An era of austerity is a poor time to be demanding much of anything.

In B.C., the province’s teachers are the latest public-sector union to be discovering this. There’s no money for wage increases. There’s no money for extra time off. And there’s certainly no money for reducing class sizes – an issue that has sparked contentious debate in recent days.

The B.C. Teachers’ Federation believes that class size is fundamental to quality education. The fewer kids in the classroom, the better the learning environment for students – or so the argument goes. read more

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  1. You are doing a great job here, i´ll be back soon.

  2. I read the article and I believe that class sizes do matter. I agree with the author about how the quality of the teaching matters the most and that reducing class sizes does not improve the education of students if the pedagogy is no good.